Frequently Asked Questions

Does RedisGreen support larger/custom plans?

Yes! RedisGreen supports very large data sets. If our listed plans don't suit your needs or you think you may need a custom setup, we'll be happy to work with you on it.

How do I migrate my data to RedisGreen?

When you create a RedisGreen server, you will be presented with several options for migrating data — including pulling data from another Redis server or loading a backup. Or you can always just click the ‘support’ link and we’ll work with you to get you up and running quickly.

What version of Redis do you run?

We use the latest stable version of Redis by default for all new databases, but you may select to build RedisGreen servers running older versions. We also build and host unstable versions of Redis — contact us if that sounds interesting.

Can I run Lua scripts on RedisGreen?

Yes. Lua is fully supported.

Can I run a replicated setup across multiple Availability Zones?

Absolutely. Just select "High Availability" when creating your server.

Can I connect to our RedisGreen instance outside of AWS?

Yes. You’ll have no problems adding items to a queue from some non-AWS server or occasionally sending debug commands from your dev machines. If you need a disaster recovery strategy that extends beyond Amazon’s borders, we’re happy to work one out with you — just drop us a line.

Can you help me understand how to make sure my Redis server stays up?

Yes, we probably can — just drop us a line! We’re happy to work with customers on their availability and disaster recovery plans.

How scalable is RedisGreen?

RedisGreen scales from very tiny Redis installations to the largest possible within our host datacenters. If you need a system with elastic scaling, select "auto-upgrade" when building your server — that will ensure that rather than reaching a limit on RAM you are simply migrated to a larger system with no downtime.

Can you block access to my server from certain IPs or block non-AWS addresses?

Sure! Just drop us a line.

Do you offer automatic failover in case of a problem with my Redis server?

Yes. Our HA systems will quickly reroute all traffic from a failing system to a hot standby system, keeping downtime in any scenario to a minimum.

Do you support Redis Cluster?

Yes — contact us for details on Redis cluster support.

What’s your disaster recovery strategy?

RedisGreen has weathered several outages and “performance issues” with EC2 and Heroku. We back up your data every hour to Amazon’s extremely durable “S3” data storage service. All of our systems are resilient against single failures, and highly automated for recovery.

Who’s behind RedisGreen?

Stovepipe Studios built, owns and runs RedisGreen. Stovepipe was founded by Tyson Mote and Brian P O’Rourke in early 2012. Since then RedisGreen has run thousands of production Redis databases and helped scale many different types of systems.

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